12 June 2012

I have been seeing Glenn for just over 6 years now for massage originally, but now acupuncture and sometimes cupping.

I am a fulltime athlete and have experienced MANY massages not only in NZ but all over the world and hands down Glenn is the best. It is not only his exceptional understanding of the body that makes him so good, but the time he takes to get an overall picture of his clients life so he has a full understanding of your needs. For me as an athlete, he has vast experience and understanding of what is involved to be a top athlete and has helped me not only in recovery, but now as I get older, a lot of prevention and maintenance of my body so that I can continue to perform at the level I need to.

I cannot express enough how good he is and can only recommend you go see him just once and you will see what I mean!

Too many people go through life with niggles they think they just have to put up with! But you don't! You only live once - spend the time and money to make it a good one!


Anna Harrison

NZ NEtball and Beach volleyball Rep.


17 Feb 2012

I recently had surgery on my right shulder and was having major difficulty sleeping at night.  After visiting Glenn for Acupuncture my pain decreased and I was able to sleep through the night without taking any drugs.  Thanks so much for the help.

Dr JD Hyslop

22 Dec 2011

I have been going to Glenn for many years, firstly for massage and more latterly for acupuncture.  Without fail he has made a major difference to my wellbeing and general condition.  Unlike some here, I am not an international athlete, just an overweight, middle aged, regular bloke whose best sporting days are way behind him.  Glenn has always treated me with respect, shown genuine concern and has always left me feeling better than when I walked in.  I would not hesitate to recommend him for any treatment.


22 Dec 2011

I have been seeing Glenn since August this year.  Previous to seeing Glenn, I had been to numerous sport doctors, physio's, muscle therapist's who all concluded that my condition - compartment syndrome in both archilles / calf's, would need surgery to fix this problem.  I decided to seek Glenn's acupuncture treatment as a last option.  After 3 visits I noticed a massive improvement and now 4 months later after weekly visits I can honestly say I have no issues with this problem and am back to running numerous times a week.  Glenn's treatment has been great and I would recommend him to anyone.  He is also a top bloke so he's definatley worth a visit.  Cheers Glenn.


12 Dec 2011

Julia has helped me rediscover my health after fourteen months of feeling very unwell with many issues including ongoing headaches, back and neck pain, IBS, no energy as well as an ongoing drip down the back of my throat, these issues have meant I have been very down and tired and have struggled to focus and concentrate when feeling unwell, this caused anxiety in my life and in general life has been a struggle. I went to see my doctor and many specialists as well over a six month period and although I tried many treatments nothing at all helped me and I became frustrated.  Four months ago a friend recommended acupuncture so I went to see Julia.  After many treatments I started getting good results and I have been nursed back into fairly good health, my anxiety has gone, I feel very relaxed, I have good energy, and no IBS at all, over all my health issues have improved and I am now confident that in time I will be one hundred percent back to full health. 



29 Nov 2011

My daughter introduced me to Julia. I'm in my mid 60's and was in despair that I could soon be an invalid and be a burden to my family. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and the specialists at North Shore Hospital told me that there is nothing they can do for me and there is no need for me to return for any further consultations. I was in severe pain for 7 months - I'd lost all feelings in all my toes and my feet were so sore that I couldn't wear shoes and had to wear open toe 'clogs' so my feet were not closed in.

When my arms and fingers started to hurt the same way, my daughter convinced me to go to Julia. Julia was very patient and understanding and fully explained my conditions and the course of treatment. My skepticism was very soon dispelled after Julia found out that I've had bowel difficulties since my early 20's and had been taking pills to help. After 3 treatments, I no longer had to take any pills - my first time in almost 40 years and I've never had to take another one since. My arthritis pain has now completely gone after all my treatments and Julia deemed me fit and healthy to enjoy life and to spend active times with my grandchildren. Thank you Julia for giving a 64 year old woman the chance to 'run' after the grandchildren!

Mrs Y


24 Nov 2011

I have been seeing Glenn Turner for the past 2 months for a number of conditions. As an athlete I am always on the lookout for ways in which to improve performance without having to compromise the body to injury or sickness. I came to Glenn with problems relating to low energy, terrible sleeping patterns, achy muscles and resulting anger and stress. He took the time to fully go over the symptoms I had and thought through the problems as they relate to keeping the body in balance. After initial treatments I started to feel much better, and over time I can honestly say that I have never felt better. I have high energy levels, I am getting great sleep and my mind feels calm and focused...all which helps when trying to compete at a high level. I look forward to continuing seeing Glenn and would recommend his acupuncture treatment to anyone.



24 Nov 2011

I am a 52 year old european male, half way through treatment with Julia.  I am extremely pleased with progress.  I have a phobia with regard to needles so acupuncture wasn't a viable option for me.  But using pressure points, herbal medicine and other techniques I have vastly improved. 

When I started I was very low on energy and libido, stomach pains and often up several times a night to go to the toilet.  In the space of a couple of months my energy level is vastly improved, my stomach is 80% better and my kidneys are such that often I am not up during the night at all.  Colour has returned to my face and I look forward to improving even more!  I can happily recommend Julia - it's great to be fixing the problem rather than taking pills to keep it under control.



24 Nov 2011

Shingles is a very painful condition that results from a breakdown in the body's natural immunity.  I was recently diagnosed with this illness, and going so out of my mind with the agony, that Acupuncture was certainly worth a try.

Within a week, the swelling and blistering rash was under control.  Julia is so gentle with the needles that most of the time you don't know when they are in.  It's actually quite pleasant to have them put into the middle of your worst, most painful spots, with instant relief.

Julia explained about a weak immune system making you prone to sickness, and then went on to re-balance my body over the next couple of weeks.  Shingles can go on for 'three months or longer' according to my GP and 'keep coming back'.  Well, I certainly don't want to experience it again!

To any Shingles sufferer I say:  Give acupuncture a go.  It really does shorten the length of the illness, and eases your discomfort in the meantime.  I'm confident that with Julia's rebalancing techniques I won't suffer like this again!

Keep up the good work, Julia.

Diana Kells

05 Apr 2011

I have been seeing Glenn Turner for the last couple of months due to a hamstring tendon injury and piriformis muscle problem which has kept me out of the last two athletics seasons.  After the first acupuncture treatment I noticed a difference and after about 4 or 5 treatments I am now completely pain and injury free while being able to push my body to the limits each day.  Glenn has looked at the whole picture and is now treating me for other things relating to insomnia and energy.  I have responded to all treatments and am now feeling better than ever when it comes to training and general well-being.  I would highly recommend Glenn for acupuncture treatment or massage treatment to anyone and will continue to see him in the future. 


16 March 2011

I have been seeing Glenn Turner as my massage therapist for over three years. As an international athlete, Glenn's expertise, knowledge and understanding of the strains that an athlete's body goes through was instrumental in helping me achieve my goals. Glenn not only worked through individual muscular issues, but treated me in a way that prevented further injury or strain, as well as encouraging good health within my body. I believe that Glenn's ability to find and resolve the initial cause of the problem, rather than just treating the presented injury, allows him to give his patients mobility, flexibility and overall good health. My personal example of this was a completely seized upper back. I was in heavy training and as such could not train properly. Within a week Glenn had me back to normal and training well, without any indication that there had ever been an issue. I would recommend Glenn and his exceptionally talented team at Inner City Health Massage any day.


8 March 2011

I would like to update my review of my visits to Julia Kim. I had my last visit to Julia in December with my weight having been reduced to 83kilos and to date my weight is stable at 82kilos, a total loss of 30kilo's in total. I feel so much better, fitter and have stopped taking blood pressure tablets that my doctor had prescribed. My Doctor is very pleased that I now no longer need the medication. I thoroughly endorse Julia as an great acupuncturist and thank her so much for changing my life. I am 60 years of age and now feel and look more like 50. Thank you

Lynette Galpin

3 March 2011


 I Have been going to see Julia for acupuncture for about 6 months now. Originally this was for problems with my legs due to a lumbar spine problem I have. Once that was sorted out she then treated my lumbar spine problems and I can now sleep through the night for the first time in 10 years. I was in pain 24/7 with my back and now I can't remember the last time I thought about it. After that I mentioned that I probably should lose some weight and she told me acupuncture could also help there. So after I then lost 15kgs in as many weeks. We are now working on my tinnitus in my ears. I am a 46yo western male and Chinese acupuncture works for me and it will for you if you give it a chance. As I mentioned I am 46yo and honestly feel better than I have since I was in my 20s.


16 Feb 2011

Being diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) (formerly Multiple Personality Disorder) is a pretty terrifying experience. Everything you thought you knew about your life ceases to be real & you have to rebuild from the ground up. When I started seeing Julia I was loosing large chunks of time from my day, having violent physical & verbal outbursts, eating large quantities of food at night & emotionally depressed & tearful. Within a month of treatment I had stopped eating at night, lost time was halved & the violent outbursts had significantly decreased. I have now had 3 months of treatment & my DID symptoms are gone & I have lost the 10kgs my eating at night had put on. As a result of treatment with Julia, my emotions & body have stabilised leaving me totally focused on healing the original trauma with psychotherapy.


19 Aug 2010

Recovery at Inner City Health Massage (ICHM) has been beneficial to the health of my body. ICHM has gifted massage therapists and acupuncturist. At the beginning of this year I underwent knee surgery after about 4 years of constant aggravation as nothing I had previously tried was able to permanently alleviate the pain. Post surgery I had suffered some complications with the healing process and found myself almost having to get surgery yet again. Not wanting to undergo surgery again I tried a combination of intense massage therapy and acupuncture, which required me to undergo massage therapy twice a week and acupuncture three times a week. After almost 2 months my knee was finally healing properly and healthy again. However, because I had the knee problem for so many years the rest of my body had been compensating for my ruined knee and suffered. I am now seeing one of the massage therapist and acupuncturist to maintain health both physically and internally.


4 April 2010

If you want your life back Inner City Health Massage is your answer I have spent years in pain with my back, shoulders, stomach and legs. During this time I have tried so many different remedies which none have worked. That is until I went to Julia Kim at Inner Ciy Health Massage. For the first time in years I have had the past two months without having a headache evey day, my back and shoulders are pain free and my energy levels are 100% better. My stomach is not bloated and painful and I no longer have constipation. And the real highlight is finally I am losing weight. I can honestly recommed Julia Kim as she has given me back my life.
















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